Timeline relating to art as a therapy for Parkinson’s


Husband, Bob Tingey diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 1987.


Nancy Tingey founded Painting with Parkinsons in Canberra, Australia 1994.

Researched ways of using art as a therapy for Parkinson’s on Churchill Fellowship study tour travelling to Italy, Holland, UK, Canada and UK 1996.

Gave presentations and exhibited Parkinson’s art work at international Parkinson’s conferences in New Zealand and Australia 1996–1999.

Extended brief of Painting with Parkinsons to include sculpture, silkpainting, printmaking, yoga, T’ai Chi, sound and music therapy 1996–1999.

Curated twenty exhibitions of art works by Painting with Parkinsons in Canberra 1996–1999.

Lectures, publications, television and radio coverage advertised work and helped establish groups in Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne 1996–1999.

Key-note speaker at The Role of the Arts in Aged Care conference, Melbourne 1999.

Gave art workshops at the EPDA (European Parkinson’s Disease Association) conference in Eindhoven, Holland 1999.


Facilitated Art for Parkinson’s pilot trial for the Parkinson’s Disease Society Midlands Branch and workshops at the YAPP&RS (Young Parkinson’s) conference in Peterborough, UK 2000. 

Held workshops at the PINK (Parkinson’s Nurses Information Network) conference in Coventry, UK. Facilitated Art for Parkinson’s courses in Shrewsbury and Blackpool (Parkinson’s Holiday) 2001.

ITV London, broadcast program about Art for Parkinson’s on Bodycheck 2001 Chapter on Art for Parkinson’s published in Arts Therapies and Progressive Illness — Nameless Dread, edited by Diane Waller, Brunner-Routledge 2002.

Mentor to the Parkinson’s Disease Society CREATE IT Millennium Award Scheme winner Andy Daly (art teacher with Parkinson’s) sponsored to promote Art for Parkinson’s 2002.

Curated first exhibition in UK of work arising out of the Painting with Parkinsons and Art for Parkinson’s programs, titled Catalyst, in London. Facilitated workshops to complement the exhibition. Wrote and produced Catalyst catalogue and information booklet 2003.

(Essay reprinted 2008 and 2013 and retitled ‘Art as a Therapy for Parkinson’s’.)

Founded Parkinson’s art group in West Cumbria, UK 2003.

Opened art exhibition and facilitated workshops for the Asia Pacific Parkinson’s conference, Melbourne, Australia 2005.

Presented paper on ‘Art as a Therapy for Parkinson’s’, First World Parkinson Congress, Washington, DC, USA 2006.

Support Anne Atkin establishing Painting with Parkinsons in Victoria 2008 – to date.

Directed documentary film ‘Making a Mark — art as a therapy for Parkinson’s’ 1998–2008.

Designed website 2009.

(Since superseded by

Curated Painting with Parkinsons exhibition at Strathnairn Arts, Holt, ACT 2009.


‘Making a Mark’ selected for the Spirit Enlightened, Culture Unplugged Film Festival 2013.

Curated Painting with Poetry exhibition at Strathnairn, following collaboration between the School of Music Poets and Painting with Parkinsons 2013.

Retired from position of coordinator, Painting with Parkinsons 2014.

Guest Speaker at the Opening of Making a Mark, 20th Anniversary exhibition, DISH (Disability Information and Services Hub) Belconnen 2014.

Published ‘Magic Happens — the story of Painting with Parkinsons’, Canberra 2018.

Co-curated 25th Painting with Parkinsons anniversary events with co-ordinator John Pratt, Belconnen Arts Centre and Smith’s Alternative, Canberra 2019.


Zoom Talks to ‘Parkinson’s Divas’ and ‘Rotary e-Club’, Greater Sydney’ 2020.            

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